Continuous Improvement

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Customer Process

Continuous Improvement (CI) is a customer process used to effectively capture and record the value of activities engaged in by our customers for the achievement of long term goals and objectives.   

WesTrac uses CI as an important value added program to systematically identify opportunities for improvement between us and our customers.

Invariably, the challenge facing our partners is to properly identify these opportunities and implement strategies vital to obtaining improvement in them.

Using the CI process, WesTrac effectively works with our customers to identify, implement, track, measure and replicate key value added activities central to the ongoing success of customers.

Some of the opportunities WesTrac engages in with its customers to improve overall performance include:

  • Interaction and Problem Solving
  • Listening Posts
  • Data Collection from customers
  • Formal meetings such as reviews, CI meetings and fleet planning
  • Identifying Key Targets and CI Value and cost reductions
  • Product modifications and/or enhancements which address inefficiencies experienced by our customer

At WesTrac, Continuous Improvement is important to the ongoing development of the relationships we build with our customers, and to the sustainability of their businesses. That is why CI is at the forefront of our philosophies.