Equipment Management Centre

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Proactively managing your equipment

WesTrac’s Equipment Management Centre (EMC) is a dedicated department designed to help you pro-actively manage your Cat equipment, whether it’s one machine, or a fleet.

Equipment management experts believe that with the right planning, 80 per cent of equipment repairs could be scheduled in advance of failure. Yet, they estimate that 80 per cent of repairs actually occur after failure.  Even without figuring in lost production, failure repair costs are typically triple the costs of before-failure repairs.

As part of WesTrac’s first class customer service, when you purchase a Cat machine, our EMC team, in consultation with you, will develop a comprehensive whole of life management plan for your machine/s.  This will include such recommendations as online monitoring systems, reporting services and maintenance programs etc.  You will then be armed with the information to enable you to develop an effective management plan for your equipment.