Maintenance and Repair Contract

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WesTrac sees itself as much more than earthmoving equipment suppliers. We are team players with our customers, with joint responsibilities.

Typifying this philosophy is WesTrac’s Maintenance and Repair Contract (MARC), which enables Caterpillar customers to outsource the management of all their mobile equipment.

Maintenance can make or break your operation. No Maintenance = No Production.

A WesTrac MARC contract allows you to concentrate on your core operation while providing benefits such as;

  • Improved Machine Performance
  • Increased Reliability
  • Increased Availability
  • Production Optimisation
  • Mine Severity
  • Payload Management
  • Equipment Operation
  • Guaranteed Cost per hour
  • Reduction in Maintenance Costs

A WesTrac MARC contract is driven by proven processes that allow results to be achieved within the mine plan consistently over the life of the mine.

We have over 300 machines under MARC contracts, predominately at mine sites in WA and NSW.