Construction Technology

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While Caterpillar is constantly developing and refining advanced technologies, WesTrac is providing the support and service to help make your equipment more productive and efficient. Unlike other companies, WesTrac don’t just sell machinery and equipment - we provide solutions that begin with machine selection, and include comprehensive finance solutions, monitoring of equipment and vital statistics, active participation in the maintenance process, all the way to the ultimate sale of the machine at the end of the cycle. From high-precision GPS systems to advanced grade control, our construction technologies monitor equipment, achieve higher productivity, increase efficiency, extend equipment life and lower costs and solve some of the biggest challenges on the construction site.


Earthmoving Equipment

Greater accuracy. Higher productivity. More profitability.

The AccuGrade™ grade control system is the Caterpillar suite of machine control and guidance solutions bringing the customer an increase in productivity by up to 40 percent while reducing site costs dramatically. The revolutionary solution is factory integrated, sensor-independent, and features a suite of products including cross slope, sonic, laser, GPS and ATS technology.

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Vision Link
Take the guesswork out of asset management

VisionLink is the secure, web-based application that allows you to easily view all of your equipment. This remote monitoring helps you take the guesswork out of asset management. Using telematics you know where your equipment is, what it's doing and how it's performing. Monitor start/sop times, fuel consumption, idle hours and more!

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