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Cat Ground Engaging Tools (Caterpillar GET) 

Ground Engaging Tools - Designed to provide better penetration and reduce stress on your machine

GET Smarter!

Enquire NowSelecting the right Cat® Ground Engaging Tool is critical to achieving maximum return on your machine investment.

Cat Ground Engaging Tools (GET) protect the expensive parts of your blades, buckets and ripper shanks, resulting in longer life and reducing maintenance costs. Caterpillar GET also play a big part in determining how well your machine performs in a specific application.

WesTrac offers many GET options, because every machine and application has its own special needs. Our GET specialists are well trained and experienced in matching the right tools to the application.

The Cat Difference

Bucket Ground Engaging ToolsCat Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are designed as an integral part of the machine. They feature world-class workmanship and adhere to Caterpillar's stringent quality control standards.

As the world's leading equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar's engineering teams have access to machine design files and associated resources to ensure the parts fit accurately, cutting angles align with equipment parameters and the GET's material breakout forces are rated correctly with machine type.

To ensure the highest level of quality, Caterpillar operate independent GET test sites around the world that allow them to test and refine each tool until strong results are proven; prior to releasing any product to the market.

Cat GET products have been designed to protect the machine's buckets, blades and ripper shanks, resulting in less downtime and increased productivity. The wide variety of product designs and sizes allows for maximum wear protection in virtually any type of environment or application.

Caterpillar continually strives to find new and better methods to ensure high quality in every GET product. This commitment to quality is backed by the GET warranty which covers almost all GET products against breakage under normal operating conditions until the component is completely worn out.

GET Services

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WesTrac proudly offer Ground Engaging Tools for all categories, including Dragline, Rope Shovel and Hydraulic Excavator. In addition to GET, we also offer these services:

  • Operator Training – We can train your operators in correct techniques to reduce cost per tonne.
  • Maintainer Training – We teach safe manual handling and correct tool operating procedures for GET replacement.
  • Condition Monitoring – We provide onsite inspection training for your maintainers and operators, as well as CAT online tools. By utilising these services, we'll able to plot and compare GET wear rates to tonnes moved, different material results and differing design productivity benefits. This will allow fact based decision-making on the most economical and productive GET.
  • Site Assessments & Continuous Improvements – We offer a range of site based assessments and continuous improvement tools which are available through WesTrac & CAT e.g. Fleet Production Optimisation, Fatigue Equivalent Load Analysis, Road Analysis Control, Performance Plus improvement programs.
  • GET Product Specialists – We have a large and dedicated team of GET product specialists (Western Australia and New South Wales) that can visit you onsite and work with your team to define correct GET type for condition, to end up with a lower cost per tonne.
  • Support Manager – We have a dedicated GET Support Manager and also a Fleet Performance Specialist based onsite to assist with any machine or product issues and continuous improvement initiatives.


Cat® Advansys™ Ground Enaging Tools allow for safe, quick, reliable and hammerless removal and installation. Advansys GET offers simpler, less frequent installation for better efficiency and longer life.

Features & Benefits

  • Exclusive tapered GET tip sides that offer less drag and higher productivity
  • New and optimised tip shapes
  • Stronger adapter noses for 50% stress reduction
  • Improved adapter nose geometry extends adapter life
  • Retainer lock requires no special tools for quick removal and installation


We also provide training to make maintaining your Advansys GET even easier.

Watch the video below for more information.

 Cat® Advansys™ Ground Engaging Tools