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The Shire of the Upper Gascoyne is a solid 12.5 hours drive from Perth. So popping to the shops whenever something breaks down is simply not an option. That’s why equipment reliability and local service support is vital to the Upper Gascoyne Shire Council.

Works Supervisor Jarrod Walker heads a devoted, hard working crew who look after almost 2,000 klms of roads that connect 46,602 square kilometres of some of the most remote, rugged and breathtakingly beautiful country in Australia. Just 50 klms of those roads are bitumen and the rest is unsealed dirt.

Remote Road Repairs

For road maintenance and construction, The Council has a fleet of three Cat® graders to keep the roads serviceable for the local pastoralists and the growing numbers of tourists who flock to the Kennedy Range and Mount Augustus National Parks.

“The roads can get really cut up by road trains carrying cattle and freight,” said Jarrod. “So they need regular upkeep. Believe it or not, it does rain around here, and when that happens the roads suffer even more.

Our grader operators are often working days away from anyone so we need back up communications including UHF, high gain VHF and Satellite Phones to make sure they can check in with us on a regular basis.

When you’ve got people working very remotely equipment reliability and maintenance servicing is not just something that’s nice to have. It’s absolutely crucial.”

Updating The Fleet

When one of the Council’s Cat 140M graders amassed 14,500 hours they decided it was time to trade it in on a new machine. In December 2015 the council put the grader out to tender and received proposals from three different grader brands, including WesTrac and Cat.

But because of the extreme summer heat, where the temperature frequently reaches 48°C, the Council closes for 6 weeks so a decision was delayed until the start of 2016.

“At the Council meeting we considered all the tenders and in the end it was a pretty simple decision to go with WesTrac,” explained Jarrod. “We based our choice on reliability, service support and value for money.

Our experience with Cat is that they are totally reliable. And the service we have received from WesTrac has been nothing short of exceptional. Our sales rep, Greg Pike, and the local field service technician in Carnarvon have been fantastic. Nothing is ever too hard for them. We’re extremely happy.”


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