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Daniel Coleman Field Service Technician  


Meet Heavy Vehicle Mechanic, Daniel Coleman

"I grew up around heavy equipment and always knew I wanted to be a mechanic”, says Dan from his field service ute somewhere on the mid north coast. “The combination of complex problem solving, the ability to interact and assist local customers and the opportunity to work with some amazing bits of gear made it an easy career choice for me”.

Having completed his trade in 2009 Dan worked his way through a number of specialist repair roles before applying for a Field Service role with WesTrac in 2012 and graduating to a resident field role based in Macksville in 2014. In that same year Dan took out the top title in WesTrac’s Field Elite competition – an internal incentive program designed to develop and reward field service mechanics for excellence in customer service.

Like many WesTrac field service technicians and resident field mechanics, Dan lives and works in the same regional area where he grew up. Not only does that mean he knows his market and most of his customers, it also means he’ll go out of his way to help out whenever he can.

As Jim Anderson from Jim Anderson Earthmoving can attest, “we have 35 machines, 6 tip trucks and almost a dozen service vehicles so Dan is a regular on our sites. He’ll often make himself available over weekends and late in the day if it’s required because he knows how important uptime is for us”.

Having won a large section of the Pacific Highway upgrade and owning a full fleet of Cat® equipment, Jim relies on WesTrac to keep his fleet going, “from where we sit Dan and WesTrac are one and the same, the level of service and support we get from Dan is a direct reflection on WesTrac so as long as things continue the way they’re going, we’ll stay loyal to Cat and WesTrac for a long time to come”.

Rewarding Hard Work

Dan’s hard work and loyalty will be duly rewarded when he heads off to Caterpillar Headquarters in the United States in May as part of his Field Elite winner’s prize, “I’ve never been overseas so I suppose I’ll have to look into getting a passport pretty soon. Touring Caterpillar facilities across North America and seeing where the gear is actually made will be an awesome experience that will no doubt add to my skills and make it that much easier for me to do my job”.

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