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WesTcare Analysts monitor customers’ fleet health, providing timely alerts and maintaining productivity

It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare: they’re ready to start, under pressure to finish a major job, and a key piece of earthmoving equipment breaks down. Work grinds to a halt.

This is why WesTrac’s recently introduced WesTcare packages have been so successful. WesTcare is an integrated product support service offering clients regular monitoring and feedback on the performance and health of their Cat earthmoving equipment.

The cornerstone of the WesTcare package is the dedicated fleet analyst monitoring and interpreting key performance data from the machines in real time using Product Link and VisionLink. The Product Link onboard technology detects events like low engine oil pressure, high transmission oil temperature, or a plugged fuel filter and includes diagnostics that can highlight electrical issues.

The analysts also pick up information on fuel burn, hours worked and operator misuse like engine overspeed or coasting in neutral. Fault codes and alerts highlight problem areas and analysts are able to gather further information from oil samples, prior inspection and repair details as well as site conditions. All this information is compiled to provide customers with a comprehensive report on the health of their earthmoving equipment.

The WesTcare package works to reduce downtime and maintenance costs while improving safety and operational effectiveness. 

New South Wales Senior WesTcare Fleet Analyst Evan Dowling estimates unplanned machine stoppages account for more than half of the problems companies encounter when managing their own earthmoving equipment.
“The WesTcare program takes the work out of the customers’ hands and places it in ours,” Dowling said. “All our Fleet Analysts are trained to handle the health of the machines, meaning our customers can focus on their next deadline or winning their next job, instead of worrying about machine stoppages.”

For further information on the WesTcare program, speak to your WesTrac representative or branch or call 1300 88 10 64.