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PartStore at WesTrac 

The WesTrac PartStore is a powerful timesaving tool for customers…

Buying a part for a Cat machine from a WesTrac branch used to involve buying the manual for the correct model, searching through that manual to identify the part, visiting or ringing the branch in order to find out whether the part was in stock, making an order, and then going back to the branch to pick it up.

These days the online PartStore enables users to view an image of the part in an online manual on the PartStore website, which itself is customised to external business customers with the specific makes and models of equipment each runs, ascertain if it’s in stock at their local dealership then simply click to make an order. The part is then sent to the business premises.

Anybody in the organisation, whether it’s a one-man farm or a major corporate, can be given a level of authorisation on the site to carry out certain actions. A fitter, for instance, could choose parts and make orders and then the order is automatically forwarded to a purchasing officer to approve the spend.

Instructional videos on the PartStore clearly lay out all of the various steps and WesTrac encourages clients to continue to pick up the phone and ask advice from their parts experts.
“We’re not trying to make our clients the experts,” WesTrac E-Commerce Coordinator Dean Ward said. “We’re trying to make it easier for them to find what they need and then the people at the branches provide the expertise.”

The PartStore doesn’t only supply equipment parts. It also sells non-machine specific tools and materials online such as hammers, gas, grease, gloves and so forth. In face the Cat Parts Store boasts more than 800,000 parts and products.

“This really is so much more than just a PartStore,” Ward said.

“It is a valuable online tool for organisations that will save them time and money.”

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