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WesTrac Institute 

The WesTrac Institute is helping WesTrac partner organisations achieve their full potential in two state-of-the-art training facilities.

Earlier this year, WesTrac opened its two first-class facilities to external clients and has now invited customer’s employees to participate in a range of apprentice-level, post-trade and advanced operator training courses.

The initiative is designed to help equip WesTrac customers with the latest operational knowledge and skills required to run their cutting-edge Caterpillar machinery to its full potential.

“The WesTrac board and executive place great value on the development of our people and, similarly, supporting our customers to develop their people,” said WesTrac Institute Business Development Manager Stephen Jennings.

“The culture at Caterpillar is one of learning and people development, and all of these forces have supported the establishment of the WesTrac Institute.

“Through two fully resourced training campuses, the institute will provide WesTrac customers with the opportunity to skill their staff to ensure the highest level of productivity is achieved from their Caterpillar equipment.”

The WesTrac Institute caters for everyone from first-year apprentices to experienced industry specialists with a range of training options.