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Cat® Augers equip Cat machines for a variety of landscaping jobs.


Cat® Augers are used for drilling holes for footings, fencing, signs, trees and shrubs in construction, agricultural, and landscaping applications. They are designed with the right amount of speed and torque for maximum productivity in a broad range of soil types.

Model Drive shaft torque @ max pressure
A14B 2304 N·m / 1700 lb ft
A14B, Drive Unit 2304 N·m / 1700 lb ft
A19B 4122 N·m / 3040 lb ft
A19B, Drive Unit 4120 N·m / 3040 lb ft
A26B, Drive Unit 5711 N·m / 4212 lb ft
A26B, Drive Unit 305C CR 6830 N·m / 5040 lb ft
360VPTA26B, HF 6826 N·m / 5034 lb ft
A7B, Drive Unit 1105 N·m / 815 lb ft