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Cat® Blades efficiently doze, plow and move material.

Angle Blades - Compact Products

Cat® Angle Blades are useful work tools in a wide range of applications for moving dirt, gravel, livestock waste and snow. They are also useful for finish grade work in construction and landscaping.

Model Overall width
1829 mm (72 in) 1829 mm / 72 in
360VPT2134 mm (84 in) 2134 mm / 84 in

Coal U-Blades

Model Capacity
5Q-5935 9.65 m3 / 12.63 yd3

Dozer Blades

Cat® Dozer Blades are designed for rough and finish grading in dirt and gravel, and light dozing. With their 6-way capabilities, dozer blades are better suited for finish grade work in construction and landscaping applications.

Model Overall width
2002 mm (79 in) 2002 mm / 79 in
360VPT2342 mm (92 in) 2342 mm / 92 in