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Cat® Hydraulic Brooms are available in a variety of configurations to match any ground-clearing job.

Angle Brooms

Hydraulic and Manual Angle Brooms for skid steer loaders, backhoes, integrated toolcarriers and wheel loaders are ideal for clearing parking lots, industrial plants, millyards, airport runways, streets, driveways and lanes.

Model Sweeping Width
BA118C Hydraulic Angle Broom
BA118C Manual Angle Broom
BA22 2209.8 mm / 87 in
360VPTBA25 Angle Broom 2499.4 mm / 98.4 in
360VPTBA30 Angle Broom 2997.2 mm / 118 in

Pickup Brooms

Pickup Brooms for Cat® Skid Steer Loaders, Backhoe Loaders, Integrated Toolcarriers, and Wheel Loaders sweep and deposit materials into an integrated hopper for easy removal and dumping.

Model Sweeping Width
BP115C Pickup Broom
BP118C Pickup Broom
360VPTBP22 Pickup Broom 2200 mm / 86.6 in
360VPTBP25 Pickup Broom 2500.0 mm / 98.4 in

Utility Brooms

Utility brooms sweep and collect light debris on smooth surfaces in forward or reverse travel.

Model Sweeping Width
BU115 Utility Broom 1510 mm / 59 in
BU118 Utility Broom 1865 mm / 73 in