Material Handling Arms

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Material Handling Arms

Material handling arms provide the loader with a utility tool useful in road construction, pipe laying and other contracting jobs.

Material Handling Arms - Compact Products

The Cat® Material Handling Arm for compact products is a useful tool for virtually all types of applications, including industrial, construction and agricultural, to pick, carry and load a variety of materials and equipment. The heavy duty design is also well suited for landscaping to load, carry and set trees and large shrubs.

Model Overall Width
Material Handling Arm For Compact Products 1316 mm / 51.8 in

Material Handling Arms - Loader

Move pipe, concrete blocks, highway dividers and other construction materials quickly and easily with an Extendible Material Handling Arm. Length of the arm is manually adjustable to match load and reach requirements.

Model Max Load Rating
3937 mm (155 in) Material Handling Arm, IT 8616 kg / 18995 lb
360VPT4121mm (162in) Mat'l Handling Arm, Fusion™ 8616 kg / 19000 lb
4137 mm (163 in) Material Handling Arm, Fusion 8616 kg / 19000 lb
360VPT4585mm (180in) Mat'l handing Arm, Fusion™ 8616 kg / 19000 lb