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Cat® Shears are widely used for demolition and scrap operations.

Mobile Scrap & Demolition Shears

Cat® shears feature 360° rotation and a high force-to-weight ratio. These shears are versatile tools widely used for demolishing steel structures and preparing bulk scrap (such as cars, farm machinery and railroad cars) for further processing.

Model Throat Force
S305 Hydraulic Scrap Shear 1812 kN / 204 Sh Ton
360VPTS320B Scrap & Demo Shear 3706 kN / 417 Sh Ton
360VPTS325B Scrap & Demo Shear 5562 kN / 625 Sh Ton
360VPTS340B Scrap & Demo Shear 6818 kN / 766 Sh Ton
360VPTS365C Shear 10342 kN / 1162 Sh Ton
360VPTS385C Shear 12509 kN / 1405 Sh Ton