Backhoe Loaders

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Backhoe Loaders

Whether you're digging, trenching, back-filling or handling material, we have a Cat® Backhoe Loader to meet your needs.


Cat® Backhoe Loaders set the industry standard for operator comfort, exceptional performance, versatility and jobsite efficiency.

Model Net Power - SAE J1349
416E Backhoe Loader 55 kW / 74 hp
360VPT420E/420E IT Backhoe Loader 69 kW / 93 hp
430E/430E IT Backhoe Loader 76 kW / 102 hp


With excellence performance, reliability, durability, quality and improving residual values the Cat® Backhoe Loader provides the owner with a prudent investment decision.

Model Power – Net
422E Backhoe Loader 55 kW / 73.76 hp
434E Pilot Backhoe Loader 71 kW / 95.21 hp
434E Mechanical Backhoe Loader 65 kW / 87.17 hp
360VPT444E Backhoe Loader 71 kW / 95.21 hp
442E Backhoe Loader 71 kW / 97 hp
428F Backhoe Loader 71 kW / 95 hp
432F Backhoe Loader 71 kW / 95 hp