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Caterpillar forwarders load and remove heavy loads from the forest quickly with ample hydraulic flow, state-of-the-art controls, and high traveling speeds.


Caterpillar has a range of forwarders with rated load capacities from 10 to 20 tonnes. All forwarders use proven over-sized components including heavy-duty axles and transmissions. The Cabs are designed for maximum visibility to the work area, and cab interiors are spacious and comfortable. Varying lengths of load decks are available to meet individual applications. High strength loaders allow for quick and efficient loading and unloading.

Model Load Capacity
564 Forwarder 13608 kg / 30000 lb
574 Forwarder 14525 kg / 32000 lb
584 Forwarder 18000 kg / 39683 lb
584 HD Forwarder 20000 kg / 44092 lb