Motor Graders

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Motor Graders

Cat motor graders continue their reputation for offering world-class cab and controls, advanced electronics and hydraulics, and optimum productivity.

M Series Motor Graders

Advanced cab design and revolutionary joystick controls greatly improve operator comfort and productivity. Serviceability features reduce downtime for maintenance to help you reduce owning and operating costs, and features like outstanding visibility and optional rear view camera enhance your jobsite safety. The range of Cat® M Series Motor Graders is well suited to the work you need to get done in a variety of heavy construction, governmental and mining/haul road applications.

Model Base Power (1st gear) – Net
360VPT120M AWD Motor Grader 103 kW / 138 hp
360VPT120M Motor Graders 103 kW / 138 hp
360VPT12M Motor Grader 136 kW / 183 hp
140M AWD Motor Grader 159 kW / 213 hp
360VPT140M Motor Grader 136 kW / 183 hp
14M Motor Grader 193.0 kW / 259.0 hp
360VPT160M AWD Motor Grader 159 kW / 213 hp
360VPT160M Motor Grader 159 kW / 213 hp
360VPT16M3 Motor Grader 216 kW / 290 hp
360VPT18M3 Motor Grader 227 kW / 304 hp
24M Motor Grader 397.0 kW / 533.0 hp