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Superior design and advanced features combine to give Cat® Telehandlers the best all-aroundvisibility and take the lead in lift and reach capability.


Cat® Telehandlers are designed to meet the varying needs of the construction and agricultural industries. The comprehensive range of standard features and optional equipment extends the scope for wider application use throughout the world.

Model Rated Load Capacity
TH336C Telehandler 3000.0 kg / 6614.0 lb
TH337C Telehandler 3300.0 kg / 7275.0 lb
TH407C Telehandler 3700.0 kg / 8157.0 lb
TH414C Telehandlers 3700 kg / 8157 lb
TH417C Telehandlers 4000 kg / 8818 lb
TH514C Telehandler 5000 kg / 11023 lb