Wheel Dozers

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Wheel Dozers

Wheel Dozers are specifically designed for mobility, maneuverability and good speed.

Medium Wheel Dozers

If you need the optimal wheel dozer for mobility, versatility, speed and compaction look to the Cat® Wheel Dozer line. Built and designed for demanding work, the Cat wheel dozer line gives customer's flexibility on the jobsite with the ability to perform a variety of tasks. From coal stock piling and wood chip handling to cleaning up around a shovel on a mine site, the Cat Wheel Dozer Line offers customers a reliable machine that will keep their material in motion.

Model Engine Model
814F Series 2 Wheel Dozer Cat® C9 ACERT™
824K Wheel Dozer Cat® C15 ACERT™

Large Wheel Dozers

Cat Wheel Dozers offer high production capabilities, along with mobility and versatility. These outstanding utility machines are engineered for demanding work and are an excellent choice for applications including surface mining, cleanup, stock piles, road maintenance, reclamation and jobs where travel is required between multiple sites. The Cat Wheel Dozers line will keep your material moving with reliability, efficiency and low operating costs.

Model Engine Model
834H Coal Scoops
834H Wood Chip Scoops
834K Wheel Dozer
844K Wheel Dozer Cat® C27 ACERT™
360VPT854K Wheel Dozer Cat® C32 ACERT™