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Cat Financial

WesTrac can help you arrange attractive finance and insurance for  your Cat equipment investment.

Through Caterpillar’s wholly owned finance and insurance subsidiaries, we can help provide finance/insurance solutions that will suit your needs.

The beauty of dealing with WesTrac and Cat Financial people is – they are Caterpillar people.  They understand our business. And they empathise with the vagrancies of your business – whether it’s mining coal in the Hunter Valley, gold near Kalgoorlie or preparing house pads in the outer suburbs of Perth and Sydney.

By understanding the way you work, the challenges you face and your competition, they are easy to do business with. You won’t find them sitting behind a desk all day. They will be out there in the field, focusing on the industries that use Cat equipment.

No matter what financing plan you choose, they will work with you to structure payment plans to meet your specific business needs – including monthly, quarterly, annual, semi-annual and seasonal payments.

If budgets are tight or cash flow is limited, they can also set up variable payment options or allow for skip payments.

Why not find out what your monthly payments might be by using the Cat Calculator?

Credit Forms

Applying for a Commercial Credit Account with WesTrac is now even easier when using our online application form. Just click on the link below to be directed to our Commercial Credit Application form, fill in all your details, then submit online. We do the rest - no need to print or post!

APPLY NOW: Commercial Credit Application Form

This simple process should only take you about 10 minutes to complete and will provide us with the necessary information to assess your application.

Once you have filled out the form and submitted your application, please allow approximately 3 business days for the WesTrac Credit Team to process your application. We'll then be in touch to advise you of the outcome.

For any questions, please contact the Credit Administration Team on (08) 9377 9414.


Competitive Insurance

Did you know WesTrac can organise competitive insurance for your Cat equipment?

Our Cat Financial Representative based at WesTrac can tailor an insurance policy for you to cover against all unpredictable risks. This includes damages caused by:

  • fire, lightning, explosion, crash of an aircraft
  • theft
  • transport or accident
  • operating mistake, carelessness
  • failure of measuring, regulation or safety instruments
  • lack of water, oil or lubricating fluid
  • short circuit, over voltage
  • storm, frost, ice, earthquake, flood
  • constructional or material flaw

This protection has been specifically designed for owners of heavy equipment and provides superior benefits you most likely will not find in other policies.

When does the coverage of the insurance begin?
If applied for at the time of financing, the insurance coverage will automatically start at the moment you are taking on the risk. The coverage ends after the termination of the contract, latest after 5 years.

What is covered in the case of damage?
In the case of damage, the costs to restore the machine to its condition prior to the incident are reimbursed. This includes for example:

  • costs for spare parts
  • labour costs including surcharges for Sundays, holidays and overtime
  • costs of transportation
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In addition, the insurance reimburses costs for:

  • clean-up and disposal
  • decontamination and disposal of soil
  • moving and protection
  • air freight

In case of total loss, an amount will be reimbursed that would have to be spent for the replacement of a comparable machine under consideration of condition and age.