Cat Certified Rebuild

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Cat Certified Rebuild 

Longer life and lower cost solutions

You need the right equipment for the job, at the right price – that’s why you invested in Cat® equipment.

If your trusted machine has seen better days like the one pictured above, WesTrac can deliver like-new performance with a Cat Certified Rebuild that offers all the benefits of a new machine, at a fraction of the cost.

A Cat machine has more than one life! It’s designed to be rebuilt. When you’ve got a machine you trust, you’ll do what it takes to keep it working hard for you and your operation.

Prior to arriving at WesTrac each Cat Certified Rebuild starts with a complete machine inspection to assess the condition of every component and part to ensure your machine gets the tailored rebuild it needs. Once your machine is within our Machine Rebuild Work Shop it is completely disassembled before being rebuilt with new Cat components, Cat parts or remanufactured parts (Reman Parts) from our world class Component Rebuild Center.

A Cat Certified Rebuild comprehensively upgrades your machine. Not only will it be back to like new performance and productivity, a new serial number and comprehensive warranty coverage will be received After a rebuild you’ll have a machine that’s as good-as-new – but for a cost that’s around 40% less than a new machine.

A rebuild is also a more environmentally friendly option because many of the components and parts are repaired or reconditioned. Our rebuilds are tailored for your machine, your needs and your budget.

Take Advantage of Rebuilds

A rebuild strategy is the most cost-effective way to ensure a full service life from a mining machine and it’s major components... Click to read why Boral decided to invest in rebuilds.

Wide range of rebuild options

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You have a range of options when you’re renewing the performance of your equipment fleet:

Cat Certified Machine Component Rebuild

You could choose a Cat Certified Machine Component Rebuild (CMCR) service which could be what you need if you only need to rebuild specific components on your machine. Our qualified technicians can rebuild and update your engine, torque, transmission and/or axles with the latest engineering updates for like-new performance and reliability.

Cat Certified Powertrain Rebuild

A Cat Certified Powertrain Rebuild (CPT) Service can help you achieve multiple lives from your machine’s components and frames. Cat equipment can be rebuilt rather than replaced, offering a cost-effective second life that delivers like-new performance to your machine.

Cat Certified Hydraulic Rebuild

Alternatively, a Cat Certified Hydraulic Rebuild (CHT) Service can restore your machine’s hydraulic and hydrostatic drive systems to like-new, and increase their reliability and durability.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs and Rebuilds

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The gold standard in service and support

As an authorised Caterpillar dealer, we know how to help you maximise your investment and achieve the highest levels of durability, reliability and productivity.

All our Cat Rebuilds are thoroughly tested for quality and operational readiness so that you know your field performance will match those in the shop.

To determine which Cat Certified Rebuild Program is the best fit for you and your equipment, get in touch with our team today and we'll walk you through the entire rebuild process and answer any questions you have.

Interested in a Caterpillar Certified Rebuild? Send us an enquiry or call us on 1300 881 064.