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Caterpillar Advanced Surface Technology (CAST®) utilises high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) technology.

CAST is an alternative resurfacing technique to that of traditional chroming. Patented Caterpillar composite materials are utilised to achieve a highly dense, mechanically bonded and hardened surface to use in hydraulic component reclamation.

At WesTrac we have been involved in this development and perform this process at our hydraulic repair facility at Guildford, Western Australia.

The process is fast and efficient. CAST has become the standard coating on a large range of cylinders across the majority of equipment direct from the factory.

Cat CAST coating benefits?

  • Extended component life - Greater resistance to scratching, pitting and scoring. Field and lab tests have demonstrated that CAST can extend component life by up to three times that of traditional coatings.
  • Extended seal life - Lab tests using Cat seals combined with CAST technology have demonstrated up to 50% increase in seal life.
  • Increased corrosive protection - Ideal for underground and highly abrasion environments.
  • Quicker turnaround - Fast and efficient, typically this process can be completed in a single shift therefore reducing machine down time.

CAST is a suitable repair process for other components NOT just cylinder rods.

For more information contact WesTrac today and ask to speak to our Hydraulic Specialist  on 1300 881 064.