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Cat Hose Manufacture and Repair 

Our hose manufacture and repair process

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We know you want to limit your machine's downtime, so our experienced team will work quickly to manufacture or repair hoses to ensure your machine is back up and running in no time. We offer a fast and efficient hose manufacturing and repair service, no matter what your requirements are.

Beyond industry standards

Hose ManufacturingOur high levels of cleanliness minimise the chances of contamination every step of the way in the manufacture, service and repair of your hoses. Every aspect of our service and repair process is undertaken by our trained technicians on our specialised equipment.

We monitor and check progress and safety at every step to meet our strict specifications. Our standards are far beyond industry standards, which is why you can trust that our hoses will give you top performance and longer life.

Any Machine / Any Make / Any Model

Our team can manufacture and repair hoses that fit any machine, regardless of make or model. So if you've got a mixed fleet, you can rest easy knowing our team can service the hoses on every piece of equipment in your fleet.

Service while you wait

We offer a unique "while-you-wait" hose manufacturing and repair service. If you've got a hose issue that needs troubleshooting, come in and see our team; we'll sort the issue out while you have a coffee and browse our Cat merchandise gift shop.

Cat® Hoses: When quality matters

It’s the little things that matter on big machines. You might not put a great deal of thought into the hoses on your machine, but that doesn’t matter, because we do.

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No matter how big, or how small, every item on your Cat machine is manufactured for optimal endurance under the toughest of conditions.

Caterpillar began designing and manufacturing hose products in the 1960s and they’ve maintained a global reputation for superior performance and reliability ever since. The key to their design is putting safety first. Working closely with Caterpillar, our team at WesTrac are consistently developing and refining our manufacturing technologies to ensure the best possible performance and reliability in our hoses and couplings.

Cat® hoses withstand the toughest conditions where extreme abrasion resistance is a must. We use the exclusive Caterpillar-designed polyethylene cover that can withstand over two million abrasion test cycles. They’re also highly resistant to chemicals and cope with weathering in the most extreme conditions. Just what’s needed in Australia!

Cat hose and coupling systems are manufactured and tested as a duo – not separately – so you can trust their ability to work together to offer the perfect fit for maximum safety and dependability.

Under pressure

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Whether your requirements are for high, medium or low-pressure, our hoses are engineered meticulously to meet your needs. We are particular with routing and pressure requirements of both our hoses and their couplings.

Both are designed to both maximise performance and increase longevity from top-notch materials that allow for flexibility and strength. When we repair a hose it’s always to as-new specifications. Each hose has a label with the exact part number so it’s easy to order over the phone and we’ll have a replacement ready for you.

Interested in our hose manufacturing or repair service? Send us an enquiry or call us on 1300 881 064.

 Cat® Hydraulic Hose and Couplings