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Cat Connect Enquire NowEvery one of our customers has challenges. Production delays, poor operator performance, material overruns, idle time, and the list goes on. Some even suffer from the best challenge – too much work, not enough time and resources to complete it. Every jobsite also presents its own unique set of challenges – we get it.

Whatever the challenge is there’s a technology within the Cat Connect suite to help you DO MORE with your equipment, overcome the challenge and build the success you want.

Cat Connect Technology has been designed to enhance operations in construction, quarry, forestry and Government industries. If you work in mining, visit our MineStar Technology page to learn more.

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What is Cat Connect Technology?

Cat Connect Technology describes an intelligent suite of six technologies that you can mix and match to suit the unique needs of your business.

You don't have to be a technology expert to start utilising Cat Connect Technology. All you need to do to get started is work out what issue is causing your operation the most pain. From there, our Technology Team will work with you to identify and implement a solution that can help you alleviate that pain, fast.

The right solution for your operation could be one or more of the following technologies, combined with one or more services. Our solutions are scalable, so you can start off small by focusing on one pain point and add on when it makes sense for your operation.

Cat Connect Productivity Grade


The accuracy you want

GRADE combines digital design data, in-cab operator guidance and automatic machine controls to help you finish projects faster, with greater precision and in fewer passes.

Cat Connect Productivity Payload


The optimisation you want

PAYLOAD provides on-the-go load weighing to deliver optimum payloads every time. With access to information on load times and cycle counts, you can maximise productivity and reduce total operating costs.

Cat Connect Productivity Compact


The consistency you want

COMPACT provides advanced measurement options and reliable reporting capabilities to help you consistently meet compaction targets with more speed and less rework.

Cat Connect Safety Detect


The awareness you want

DETECT combine safety features, functionalities and alerts to enhance your job site awareness and keep your people and assets safe.

Cat Connect Safety Command


The control you want

COMMAND puts you in complete remote control of your equipment. By removing operators from the cab and away from harsh and challenging environments, this technology brings new levels of productivity, safety and efficiency to your job site.

Cat Connect Productivity Link


The insight you want

LINK wirelessly connects you to your equipment, giving you access to valuable machine data, analysis and reporting. LINK information helps you make fact-based decisions to improve total job site efficiency, safety, sustainability and productivity.

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