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Cat MineStar Technology Solutions 


MineStar Enquire NowYou can scale your mining technology solutions according to your needs with Cat MineStar. Choose one solution to suit your site, or combine several into a comprehensive scalable system to give your operation the competitive edge.

What is MineStar?

This is the industry’s most comprehensively-integrated mine operations system. Consisting of operations and mobile equipment management systems, MineStar is configurable to any type of mine, of any size.

Suitable for both underground and above-ground mining, MineStar has a number of capability sets with a range of advanced features and flexible scalability to suit any operation.

Why MineStar?

You want to make informed, fact-based decisions. You value your workers so you want to enhance safety. You want to boost productivity and improve the utilisation of your fleet. Maximising equipment and resources? That’s a given.

Because Cat MineStar is completely scalable it offers you the exact level of in-depth integrated data and information that you need, when you need it. We can help you make the most of your mining operations.

Cat MineStar Technology

How does MineStar provide more efficiency?

With the Cat MineStar System, you control your entire mining operation by tracking and monitoring assets, at any level, and sharing data seamlessly between capability sets.

For example, if Health discovers that one of your haul trucks is down due to a mechanical problem, it can share that alert with Fleet. If Terrain reads that a loader is moving into a new material type, it can share that data with the Fleet and Command systems to facilitate routing that material to the appropriate dump point.

This deep integration is what gives Cat MineStar System unparalleled flexibility and both broader and deeper capabilities than other mine management system available on the market today.

Read more about the MineStar solutions below:

Cat MineStar Fleet


The control you want

Provides real-time machine tracking, assignment and productivity management, giving you a comprehensive overview of all operations from anywhere in the world.

Cat MineStar Terrain


The precision you want

Enables high-precision management of drilling, dragline, grading and loading operations through the use of guidance technology. It increases machine productivity and gives you real-time feedback for improved efficiency.

Cat MineStar Detect


The protection you want

Helps increase operator awareness, enhancing safety at your operation. It includes a range of capabilities designed to assist the operator, including blind spot and proximity detection of fixed and mobile equipment.

Cat MineStar Health


The insight you want

Delivers critical event-based machine condition and operating data for your entire fleet. It includes comprehensive equipment health and asset monitoring capabilities with a wide range of diagnostic, analytic and reporting tools.

Cat MineStar Command


The command you want

Provides remote control, semi-autonomous and autonomous systems for both surface and underground mobile mining equipment. By integrating the capabilities of Fleet, Terrain, Detect and Health, it delivers dramatic improvements in safety, productivity and availability at your operation.

 Cat MineStar Overview