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Technology Services at WesTrac 


Cat Connect Enquire NowEvery one of our customers has challenges. Production delays, poor operator performance, material overruns, idle time, and the list goes on. Some even suffer from the best challenge – too much work, not enough time and resources to complete it. Every jobsite also presents its own unique set of challenges – we get it.

Our Technology Team can help you monitor, manage and enhance operations in four key areas to give you more control of your jobsite:

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Equipment Management

The value you want

Your equipment is the backbone of your business. You need to extract every dollar of value from it that you can. Cat EMSolutions, delivered by WesTrac, makes smart use of technology, services and data to help you lower your operating costs and maximise performance.

WesTrac offer a wide range of equipment management solutions and services to support all sized customers.

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The efficiency you want

Productivity can make or break your business. It’ll win you jobs and help you hit targets. This is true regardless of whether you’re running 2 pieces of equipment or 200. You need to deliver more for less to maximise efficiency and profitability.

WesTrac can deliver a range of productivity technologies and services to give you everything you need to accurately monitor and enhance production and manage job site efficiency.

Cat Connect Safety Technology Solutions


The visibility you want

Nothing is more important than the safety of your people and equipment. A serious injury or damaged piece of equipment could cause serious delays and impact your bottom line.

WesTrac can deliver a range of safety technologies and services to help you make safety a top priority and keep your operators focused to ensure a secure environment for everyone.

Cat Connect Sustainability Technology Solutions


The integrity you want

Do you monitor fuel burn? Do you effectively manage resource consumption? Are you complying with all relevant regulations? Are you involved in fleet and lifecycle planning? Do you have technology in place to help you run a sustainable jobsite?

If you answered no to one or more of those questions, you’ve got room to improve when it comes to limiting your business’s environmental impact with the goal of increasing your equipment’s end-of-life value.

WesTrac can deliver a range of sustainability technologies and services to ensure you can answer YES to all of the questions mentioned above.

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