Raycore Lights help earthworks company shine

Jason Clarke from Desert Run recently purchased two Raycore Lights for his Cat® 950K Wheel Loader and is already seeing many benefits, including tripled visibility when working late.

“Raycore Lights turn night into day,” explains Jason Clarke from Desert Run.

The director of the Western Australian detailed and bulk earthworks company, which specialises in greenfields project implementation across a broad range of industries, recently took possession of two Raycore Lights for the front of his new Cat® 950K Wheel Loader.

Made in the USA and powered by cutting-edge technology, Raycore Lights are designed to improve worksite safety and productivity – benefits Jason has already noticed after making the switch to Raycore, three months ago.

With their low amperage capability and minimal reliance on machine output, Raycore’s lights provide increased coverage compared to competitor brands. The ultra-efficiency of the LED core allows a single Raycore light to outshine several conventional LED lights of a similar wattage, with their flagship Raycore X60 light producing over 60,000 lumens.

Earlier this month, Raycore Lights and WesTrac announced a new distribution partnership to meet the extreme lighting requirements of the mining, construction and paving industries.

“Not only do the lights dramatically increase my visibility on site, but they also make it easier for others to see me, which is extremely important from a safety point of view,” Jason explained.

“The difference between my old lights and the Raycore Lights is like chalk and cheese, with the new lights almost tripling my visibility.”

“My plan over time is to put more Raycore Lights on the machine so they provide 360 degrees of coverage.”

Drone shot showing the power of Raycore Lights

“Having high quality equipment, whether it is my Cat machinery or Raycore Lights, is extremely important to me. I don’t mind paying for quality – with quality you get more efficiency.”

Raycore Lights were formed specifically to meet the gruelling demands of mining and construction machinery applications.

Jason has already seen the advantages of the new lighting on various recent projects, but what is also getting him excited is the future benefits these extreme lights offer.

Jason’s recently acquired Cat 950K with its new Raycore lighting, will be used to help with remediation work for the Department of Parks and Wildlife, providing support in the event of bushfires.

The lights will assist Jason, working mainly at night, to improve visibility so he can make fire breaks and access roads to allow fire trucks to put fires out.

“When there is a bushfire there is a lot of smoke, which makes it extremely hard to see, especially at night,” Jason said.

“You need all the support you can get, which is where Raycore Lights come in. Having these lights gives me a lot more confidence I will be able to see what is ahead of me so I can push harder and faster with the loader.”

Worksite productivity is also boosted due to the amount and quality of light produced by the Raycore range. Many customers have also reported a big reduction in the total number of lights needed to light up a machine since switching to Raycore.

“I’m able to offer more value for money for my clients. Everyone’s on an hourly rate so if I am doing more work in that hour than my competitors - because I can see more - my clients are getting better bang for their buck,” explained Jason.

WesTrac WA Parts Sales Manager Royce Sallur, said having extremely bright lights was one of the most important considerations for safety on job sites at night – particularly those operating around the clock – where productivity is paramount and fatigue is a factor.

“It’s simple really, brighter lights reduce operator fatigue, which in turn reduces fatigue-related incidents and injuries,” Royce said.

“Having that increased level of safety is worth spending a bit more on better lights.”

“Raycore Lights are reusable and have a robust design. This means that instead of being a product that has an ongoing cost, they represent a repairable asset that provides long-term cost savings.”

For Jason, swapping his old lights to Raycore was also extremely easy.

“I’m very happy with them and plan to continue replacing my old lights with Raycore,” he said.

“It’s a lot of money tied up in lights, but it is worth it. It’s easy to replace parts too so you aren’t throwing away money if something needs to be fixed. The value in that is huge.”

Raycore President Ryan Thomsen said people often asked if the lights were LED.

“Yes, the lights are LED powered. But you can think of Raycore Lights as LEDs on steroids. Just one LED core found in a Raycore light packs hundreds of micro-LEDs inside. There is nothing else like Raycore in the market.”

WesTrac customers can now order Raycore Lights by contacting their local representative or online using Parts.Cat.Com (using the part number supplied by the rep). Once ordered, customers can also make use of WesTrac’s Click and Collect lockers to pick them up within 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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