Social Responsibility

We recognise that we all have a significant social responsibility to protect the natural environment for the benefit of this and future generations. Our goal is to minimise the impact our business activities have on the environment around us, while balancing the economic and social needs of sustainable development.

Doing our part for the environment

Environment & Sustainability

WesTrac will continue to be a community leader in environmental sustainability, by implementing solutions and processes which apply best practice environmental management across all facets of our organisation.

WesTrac recognises the responsibility to operate in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner. In addition, recognising the need to provide a quality environment in which to work.

Caring for the environment is core to how WesTrac conducts business. Through innovation, reduction of waste, and continuous improvement, WesTrac aims to make a positive contribution to the built and natural environments and consistently demonstrates sustainable practices in environmental management, minimising environmental risk and impact to clients and community stakeholders.

Our Commitments
  • Incorporating environmental sustainability into our management framework, considering our environmental responsibilities, risks and organisational capability;
  • Setting and achieving ambitious environmental performance improvement targets, as well as monitoring and reporting both internally and to the community on our efforts;
  • Embedding sustainable practices into work procedures;
  • Actively engaging with staff, suppliers, industry partners and the community around sharing and realising our commitment to sustainability;
  • Minimising our environmental footprint through sustainable management of resources including land, water, energy, materials and biodiversity;
  • Preventing pollution and minimising waste;
  • Introducing more sustainable procurement approaches; and
  • Ensuring that new facilities and changes to existing ones include sustainability as a core consideration in their design and operation.

Social responsibility in action

WesTrac worked in partnership with Urban Hum to establish an apiary of 10 beehives at the WesTrac Tomago facility. This project is an example of WesTrac's commitment to sustainability.

Monitoring & Management

Environmental Monitoring

We have introduced drone technology to monitor our surrounding environment in order to provide an aerial view of roof water catchment, external lighting, drainage, fence lines and areas of significant environmental importance.

This innovation also allows us to monitor flora, weed management, natural irrigation and aids in the preparation of bush-fire risk reduction strategies.

Environmental Management

Our responsibility toward the environment is core to how we conduct business and we're committed to continuously improving our systems to promote better environmental management.

To demonstrate this commitment we've enhanced our environmental governance through the introduction of an Environmental Management System to support the Environmental Management Policy which aligns to ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems, the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (WA) and the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (NSW).

Environmental Impacts

We've introduced a new system into the business that allows us to identify, assess and control environmental impacts in a consistent and systematic way, whilst providing us with key environmental metrics.

Tracking and monitoring this data allows us to proactively understand usage patterns and establish processes to manage impacts to the environment more efficiently and effectively. With this in place, we track and audit environmental risks on a regular basis and then mitigate any unacceptable levels of risk.

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Sustainable Projects

Reducing Landfill

We are committed to better supporting the health of our communities through the reduction of environmental impacts by harnessing the value of materials disposed of and returning them to productive use.

To demonstrate this commitment we've commenced a program of work that aims to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill from all parts of the business.

Over the 2018/2019 Financial Year, we removed the equivalent of 1,1198.5 T of CO2 eq per year and saved 7,296,000 kWh/year and 107,368 L of water per day.

WesTrac has successfully introduced centralised waste, paper and recycling bins in Tomago and South Guildford offices and Cafeteria. The bins are in convenient locations and ready for all team members to use. In addition, WesTrac will be removing our work station desk bins. As a result, this prevents the cleaning team from having to empty over 250 bins per day and team members are able to get away from their desks more often, increasing mobility.

Lighting Efficiency

We have invested over $1M in a project to replace approximately 4,500 older fluorescent tubes with LED lights between our WA and NSW facilities, leading to an annual reduction in power consumption of four million kWh, or a continuous average energy savings of 715kW.

In addition to saving energy, the investment will see a reduction in electricity bills of $700,000 a year.

Contamination Control

Environmental risks relating to the use or storage of hazardous materials are identified and managed through regular inspections of business premises, reviews of compliance and emergency procedures, and advice from external consultants and government agencies on environmental matters.

Internal firefighting capabilities and equipment are regularly tested and emergency arrangements with key external response agencies have been established.

We operate numerous parts and component cleaning machines all with technology that leads to improved contamination control outcomes.

Best-practice recycling and waste management features ensure that we're able to clean more components using less water and other solutions.

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