Our Brand


Our Brand

The WesTrac brand is more than our logo. It’s our people, behaviour, voice, personality, services, machines, engines, solutions, and workshops - it’s in everything we deliver, everything we do, and everything we communicate. Our brand is also our guidepost. It helps bring us together and directs the experience we provide to you every day. In the end, our brand is best summarised as the experience you have with WesTrac. It’s what WesTrac means to you.

Brand Framework

Our purpose

To make owning and operating equipment as easy, profitable and safe as possible for all customers.

Our vision

To be the customer’s first choice in equipment solutions.

Our mission

To provide ground-breaking equipment solutions that help build the world.

Our personality

Friendly, yet decisive, an intelligent and down-to-earth leader.

Our promise

To help our customers get more from their equipment solutions.

Our values

Safety, Pride, Accountability, Respect, Customer (SPARC)

Our tagline


Our mantras

  • Be attentive
  • Be professional
  • Be available

Our brand voice attributes

  • Genuine
  • Committed
  • Respectful
the people who do the work

Our Customers

Who is a WesTrac customer?

Someone who gets work done using equipment. WesTrac has customers in several industries including construction, mining, forestry, waste, paving, oil, gas, industrial, landscaping and more. If there’s work to be done, we’re by their side making it easier

Our customers range from owner-operators to global mining groups. We are uniquely positioned to offer solutions to all types of customers, regardless of size.

As an Australian dealership, WesTrac services customers in three states: Western Australia (WA), New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). We can only provide equipment solutions to customers located in these states. Within these states, we service all customers regardless of whether they are in a metropolitan area or out on a remote site. We’re able to do this because we have a large branch network.

What does WesTrac mean to customers?

The WesTrac brand means something different to each one of our customers.

For Luke Brownlee from Newcastle Earthworks, we’re the equipment management partner who enables him to do quality work and spend more time with his family. Luke’s full story provides an insight into how we go about fulfilling our purpose and achieving our vision.

For a giant mining group, we're a partner they can count on to supply products, services and technology to ensure their mine sites operate at an optimum level of efficiency and productivity, whilst reducing costs, improving safety and being sustainable.

The WesTrac Difference

What do we do?

WesTrac customers drive Australia’s economy and build our nation’s infrastructure. They depend on our equipment solutions every day. As technology drives our industry forward, they face increasing competition and market pressure. WesTrac and its employees; our collective expertise, our resources and our unmatched support network, are uniquely positioned to provide our customers with solutions that deliver a competitive edge.

We offer customers a wide range of products, services and technologies, which are packaged up for each customer as a unique solution that meets their needs.

Who are we?
  • We are a large, highly skilled and experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to our customers.
  • We’re people of all ages, races and backgrounds, with a vast set of diverse skills, who are the best at what we do in our industry.
  • We work hard to provide industry leading equipment solutions underpinned by safety, technology, innovation and quality workmanship.
  • We are proud of the contribution we make to our customers, the economy and the communities in which we operate.
  • We understand our customers have unique needs and we’re focused on delivering flexible solutions to meet those needs.
  • We’re all about delivering value to our customers and fostering a long-term relationship so, together, we can build long-term sustainable growth.
What sets us apart?

WesTrac is the leading equipment solutions company in Australia. Our extensive branch network, access to cutting edge technology, workforce size, supplier network and wide project range enables us to provide customers with:

  • Local support, faster service, timely parts availability, quality workmanship and accurate diagnostics.
  • Maximum machine uptime and minimum unscheduled downtime.
  • Superior advice, better support and wider machine choice for higher productivity and better efficiency.
  • The best machines, best equipment protection, best training and unrivalled safety support.
  • A “one stop” solutions provider that offers every service under one roof, even fluid sampling.

Other Brands

There are many other brands, taglines and trademarks commonly associated with WesTrac. A lot of Cat products, services and technologies have their own brand.
Caterpillar HQ

Brand Voice

Our brand voice is how we come across to you. While everyone has their own opinion about WesTrac, the voice we try to project is an expression of our personality, values, mantras and the three attributes that define us.
WesTrac Brand Voice

The WesTrac Culture

Safe Our policies and procedures are all geared towards a ‘Road to Zero Harm’. It’s the reason why ‘Safety’ is the first and primary value we live by. Nothing is more important than seeing our workers go home safe.
Engaged Our workforce is trained, hardworking and driven to succeed. We keep our workforce engaged with regular training at the WesTrac Institute, education programs, career progression paths and goal setting.
Customer Focused Our customers come first, in everything we do. If they’re succeeding, we’re succeeding. We strive to ensure they feel supported, valued and appreciated. We want them to be proud to be dealing with WesTrac and confident that we care about their success.
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