Cat Oils

High Performance, Superior Protection

Cat Oil provides consistently high performance and superior wear protection that is designed and formulated for the needs of your Cat Equipment to protect and maximise your component life.

Parts.Cat.Com offers a broad range of products designed by Cat for Cat machines:

  • Axle and Final Drive Oil – for off-highway trucks, large track-type tractors, pipe-layers and track skidders.
  • Diesel Oiland Natural Gas Engine Oil – protects earthmoving, commercial, marine and on-highway truck diesel engines.
  • Gear Oil – for Cat manual transmissions, differentials, and final drives and sealed lubricated track joints.
  • Hydraulic Oil – for protection to hydraulic system components.
  • Specialty Oil – for Cat Backhoe Loader rear axles and Cat Challenger Tractors.
  • Transmission Oil and Drive Train Oil – for Cat transmissions, final drives, wet brake and hydraulic compartments.
  • Oil Additives – brake fluid additive, oil stabiliser and governor oil.

Why choose Cat Oil?

  • Standards - Cat Oil is a premium oil that exceeds industry standards.
  • Cost Savings - Premium oil protects your transmission and final drives, delivering exceptional gear and bearing life, saving you the cost of replacement.
  • Less Wear  -Zinc is an anti-wear agent that helps reduce friction and prevents premature wear of pumps, motors and valves. Premium oil contains as much as 1,200 parts per million, which is over double the amount of regular hydraulic fluid, which sits between 300 and 500 parts per million.
  • More Emulsifiers - Emulsifiers are added to Cat hydraulic fluid to disperse water in the oil, not separate it, ensuring less risk of water-related damage like freezing. This is critical inside mobile equipment. 
scheduled oil sampling (s.o.s.)

Get your oil tested by WesTrac

What does our lab evaluate?

Our in-house world class oil testing laboratory can evaluate more than 30 characteristics from each oil sample. This allows us to gain a comprehensive picture of health of your engine, transmission, powertrain and other wearable components.

From each oil sample, our team is able to evaluate contamination levels, corrosion levels and stability.



What is detected?
  • 20+ wear metals & additives,
  • Presence of water,
  • Fuel dilution,
  • Glycol concentration,
  • Viscosity at 100c,
  • Soot and sulfur compounds,
  • Bacteria or sediment,

And more.

let's do the work

Need parts support?

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