Minestar Fleet

put your best performance on repeat, every time

Managing a fleet means juggling many issues: scheduling equipment, keeping an eye on material movement and tracking fuel use and cycle times. Where to start? Minestar™ Fleet.

Our Fleet Management Technology solutions will help you master control of your mine fleet. Fleet analyses operational and equipment data and gives you insights into your fleet to offer a big-picture solution. You can analyse and replicate what’s working, and fix what’s not.

Cat Fleet has real-time dashboards with custom reporting to always deliver accurate information suited to your load/haul system.

No matter where you are on-site, Caterpillar Fleet gives pit supervisors in-depth insight into all aspects on mine operation. Check daily progress goals during the shift – not just after. Track machine locations, speeds, payloads and fault codes in real time.

Manage your fleet with real-time notification of bottlenecks, machine issues and identification of trouble sites and make immediate adjustments. Make more effective use of time thanks to faster decision making based on accurate, real-time information.

Improving productivity wherever you are

A fleet management solution that suits any sized operation, Minestar Fleet will improve productivity, save money and help you monitor your fleet through a mobile tablet device on a low-bandwidth, cloud-based operation.

Key cost drivers are delivered when you need them: including operator assignments, breaks and shift changes along with fuel usage and machine idle times. Cat Fleet works with any brand of equipment and you can share data across your existing machines and mine management solutions. It’s that simple.

Fleet capability packages

MineStar Fleet Technology

Fleet is a flexible solution that can be customised and configured based on your mine's specific operational requirements. We offer five capability packages within Fleet. These packages are outlined below.

Available packages

  • Production
  • Position & Material
  • Assignment & Optimisation
  • Data Share
  • Multi-Site

Production Package

Delivers real-time visibility of production operations, improved shovel loading performance, and increased payload predictability.
Cat Minestar Fleet production package

Position & Material Package

Monitors material movement, alerts operators and planners of misroutes, monitors machine location, and incorporates playback function to analyse dump movement and road congestion.
Cat Minestar Fleet position and material package

Assignment & Operation Package

Schedules and assigns trucks, maximises utilisation and production, minimises truck wait time, and manages shift changes.
Autonomous trucks have helped triple work rate at Fortrescue

Data Share Package

Enables Fleet to share data and information with other electronic mine management systems so you can easily see what’s going on with your fleet.
Minestar Fleet assignment and operation package

Multi-Site Package

Enables the management of multiple Fleet-equipped mine sites from a single control centre.
Control center for Minestar Fleet

Construction White Paper

Is your site ready for the future?

We’ve prepared a white paper for the construction industry that looks at technology trends in equipment management, productivity, safety and sustainability.

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