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Why rent with WesTrac?

  • High quality Cat rental products
  • Equipment with latest technology
  • Market leading service coverage
  • Extensive branch network
  • Competitive rates
  • After hours breakdown support
  • Flexible renting options available
  • 'Try before buy' available
  • Total equipment solutions available
  • Large rental inventory

10 ways renting heavy equipment can benefit your business

From improving your cash flow to removing the need for ongoing equipment storage, there are lots of ways renting can benefit your business. In this article, the WesTrac Heavy Rental team break down the 10 most important ways renting equipment can have a positive impact on your business.
WesTrac Heavy Rental Inventory
Getting started is easy

How do I start renting with WesTrac?

Credit Limit

Before you begin renting from WesTrac, you'll need to have a credit limited approved. If you're not a current WesTrac customer, you should make an application before submitting a rental request.

We have an online credit application process that involves filling out a form and providing us with the necessary information. The form will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and the approval process takes 3-5 days. Once approved, you'll have standard 30-day terms to pay each invoice.

What are the steps involved?
  • Your WesTrac credit limit is approved
  • You submit a rental request
  • Your requested equipment is available
  • Our quote and agreement  is accepted by you
  • Insurance for the machine is sorted
  • The machine is quality checked
  • The machine is delivered to you
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