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For a limited time only, you’ll receive up to $500 off any Cat Auger Bit when purchasing an Auger Drive. 

Adding a drill or excavator auger to your machine can improve any drilling project, whether it's for fencing, footings, sign posts or landscaping. Drilling down into different soil types requires the right auger attachment to ensure a smooth and speedy job every time.

Cat Auger Drives included in the offer: 

  • A11, A23, A41, and A68

Cat Standard Auger Bits included in the offer:

  • 102mm (4") Length 1245mm Save $195.50
  • 152mm (6") Length 1245mm – Save $137.14
  • 229mm (9") Length 1245mm – Save $171.06
  • 305mm (12") Length 1295mm – Save $191.19
  • 380mm (15") Length 1295mm – Save $287.50
  • 457mm (18") Length 1295mm – Save $300.44
  • 610mm (24") Length 1295mm – Save $403.94
  • 762mm (30") Length 1295mm – Save $431.25
  • 915mm (36") Length 1295mm – Save $516.06

Get in quick, this offer is only available until 31 August 2024 or while stocks last.

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*Terms and conditions apply. NSW & ACT only. 


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Want to know the benefits of a Cat Auger? Let's drill into the detail


When you compare the old method of manually drilling holes against using an auger attachment, the efficiency and productivity benefits are obvious.

With an auger attachment, drilling jobs can be completed a lot quicker and easier. Their speed and torque means maximum productivity can be achieved with the press of a button.


An auger can be used for a wide variety of jobs, and on all types of soil. This versatile piece of equipment is a handy addition to any earthmover's toolkit, should they come across a job that requires any kind of drilling. 


Using an auger digger stabilises the holes during drilling, which reduces the risk of drillhole walls collapsing, increasing site safety for workers and machines.

An auger on a machine is considered to be much safer than traditional methods of drilling holes - methods that are physically taxing on your back, shoulders and legs. You can avoid risk of injury by investing in an attachment for your machine.


An auger has the ability to dig deeper than other equipment and manoeuver obstacles with its reach, particularly when you add an auger extension to your auger machine.

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