Get your Advansys tips from $89.99 + GST

Cat Advansys tips and adapters work harder so you can work safer.

Designed for excavators and wheel loaders, Advansys tips provide better penetration and durability, reducing your downtime whilst improving job site safety.

Purchase a set of tips today and receive a bonus set of Advansys adapters*, plus the option of:
  • 50% off the bare base edge, or
  • 50% off the base edge assembly

* Terms and conditions apply. Fill out the form to enquire. 

There are a number of benefits of Advansys tips and adapters, including:

1. Quick and easy removal and installation
  • No special tools required for the retainer lock
  • No loose parts
2. Better tip penetration, and longer tip and adapter life
  • A stronger adapter nose that aids in stress reduction
  • Less drag to increase productivity
  • No retention hole resulting in higher stress points for greater durability
3. Built for heavy machine applications 
  • Easier penetration into the pile
  • Faster cycle times
tip 2 step removal

With no special tools needed for installation, Advansys tips can be installed or removed in two steps. Here’s how:

1. Turn retainer 180◦ clockwise to lock

2. Turn retainer 180◦ counterclockwise to unlock

Tools to keep you MOVING

After time standard pins get locked up from dirt, rust and aging. No one has time for this kind of downtime. With the new Advansys unique locking system, even after 500+ hours, the pins are easily moved in just 30 seconds - we've tested it!

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