Convert your wheel GP back to Caterpillar® specifications with WesTrac’s conversion program

WesTrac will recondition all wheel groups modified by Birrana back to Caterpillar specifications, at no additional parts cost to you. 

Fill out the form and a WesTrac rep will be in touch.

What's included

As part of the program any of the below aftermarket parts, or other modified parts discovered that cannot be repaired, will be replaced at no additional parts charge: 

  • Reaction hub
  • Retainer plates
  • Inner planetary carrier (if modified beyond repair)
  • Outer sun gear
  • Outer planetary carrier (if modified beyond repair)
  • Wear indicator 

You'll be able to keep track of exactly what parts have been transitioned back to Caterpillar through your Component Appraisal Report (CAR). All parts replaced through this program will be itemised on your CAR.

Fill out the form above and a WesTrac rep will be in touch. 

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