Mining Equipment Showcase blows customers away at WesTrac Tomago

In early March 2020, WesTrac's Mining Team in NSW held a Mining Equipment Showcase for customers, trade associations and employees, giving them the opportunity to get up close to the latest mining machinery.

It’s not often all of Caterpillar’s latest mining machines are on display in one location, but over the week of 9th to 13th March 2020, it happened at WesTrac Tomago (Head Office NSW).

The NSW Mining Team hosted their annual Mining Equipment Showcase – an event that gives customers and employees the opportunity to inspect these powerful machines up close and climb in the operator’s seat.

Over the week, the showcase was visited by customer representatives, trade associations and many of our employees that do not usually get the opportunity to see the finished product.

The mining equipment on display this year included the new Cat D11 and Cat D10T2 Large Track Type Tractors, Cat 18M3 and Cat 24 Motor Graders and a Cat 994K Large Wheel Loader. This fleet displayed many benefits, from both a safety and production perspective.

Mining Showcase

Safety Benefits

  • Cat D11 Large Dozer – now comes with option of a 360-degree camera system to decrease blind spots and factory fitted fire suppression system, improved access systems, factory fitted fire suppression, ground level service centres.
  • Cat 24 Motor Grader – front and rear cameras for improved visibility, working at heights package including handrails and hand holds that improve safe access.
  • Cat 994K Wheel Loader – powered access system allowing operators to maintain three points of contact when boarding the machine.
  • Cat 18M3 Motor Grader – service access platform for safer means of access to both the operator’s cabin and maintainer’s access to the machine’s engine.

Production Benefits

  • Cat 994K Wheel Loader – an 29% increase in payload, 19% increase in power and 28% in breakout force compared to the previous model (994H), with a productivity higher than the larger competitors model.
  • Cat 24 Motor Grader – the first model in this range that is able to be installed with an optional 8.5m (28ft) moldboard, this allows for either wider grading (and hence less passes) or grading at an increased speed.
  • Cat 18M3 Motor Grader – builds on the success of the popular 16 series of motor graders with the increase moldboard length.

The Mining Equipment Showcase was held adjacent to the Used Equipment yard, enabling our visits to also view the large range of high quality used machines on offer. The visitors were also treated to a guided tour of the other WesTrac facilities, with many commenting on the size, and professionalism of the workshops and the teams working in them.


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