Customising beats the competition

Final Trim Excavations invested in a custom paint job for a new Cat motor grader and relies on customer support agreements to stay ahead of the competition

make an impact with a custom paint job

In a competitive market it’s smart business to put your brand out there to make an impact and you can’t miss the newest addition to the Final Trim Excavations (FTX) fleet. The brand new Cat 12M Motor Grader really stands out from the crowd with its black, custom paint job.

The Cat 12M Motor Grader was purchased brand new and painted black in the WesTrac custom paint shop. “This machine has been in the planning and build for six months,” says FTX owner Tom Campbell. “There’s been a lot of work that’s gone into making this machine turn out exactly the way we pictured it."

And it’s a beauty.

FTX Black Motor Grader

When you’ve got your dream machine, you want to protect it – which is where a Customer Support Agreement (CSA) comes in. FTX has been a WesTrac customer since 2007, and has been on CSAs for years. The team switched to CSAs to help the business run more smoothly, and they haven’t looked back. “Being on a CSA helps manage cash flow,” Tom says.

The black grader is the 9th Caterpillar machine in the FTX fleet, and, like many of the machines before it, it’s protected by CSA with WesTrac. With flexible payment options such as; monthly, based on asset utilisation, fixed price, paid per interval or up-front – a CSA is tailored to suit business and operators.



Average service interval costs can range from $1000 to $4,000, while the average PM CSA rates can be as little as $2 per Service Meter Unit (SMU) for a mini excavator! So while peace-of-mind is one of the reasons our customers ask for a CSA, the major benefit is improving cash flow and the business’s bottom line.

A CSA is individually tailored to each business size, needs and operations. Tom knows that having a CSA means it’s just one aspect of the business that virtually looks after itself. “It’s great having the equipment experts at WesTrac looking after my fleet so I can focus on other areas of my business.”

What can I choose from?

Each CSA is unique, customers can choose from the following:

Speak with our expert team who can help you minimise downtime, manage your cash flow and give you peace of mind when managing your fleet. Whether you have one piece of equipment, or a whole fleet, we’ll help you do more with what you’ve got with a CSA.

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