FitFleet Finance Dashboard

Check monthly statements, invoice history and outstanding invoices.

Finance Dashboard

The FitFleet Finance Dashboard contains numerous functionalities to manage your business, such as:  

  • Monthly Statements & Invoice History 
  • Invoice List 
  • Credit Limit 

> Monthly Statements & Invoice History 

The 'Monthly Statements & Invoice History' tile gives you an overview of your statements and invoice history. Presented as a bar graph, you have the option to view this data by year, quarter, or month. 

> Invoice List 

View, pay, download or dispute your customer invoices through the 'Invoice List' tile, with the added ability of displaying both outstanding and paid invoices.  

For all invoices issued by WestTrac, included data is the invoice #, invoice total, due date and status (issued, overdue and paid). You can further filter this information by selecting the arrow next to the column you wish to filter, for example, displaying the due date by newest - oldest and vice versa.


By clicking on an invoice you can take different actions against it - 'Promise to Pay', 'Download Invoice' and 'Dispute Invoice'. Each of these different actions are summarised below. 

Promise To Pay

By selecting and clicking on 'Promise to Pay', you will be directed to a pre-populated form with the invoice information. Before submitting, make sure your email address is correct and add relevant notes in the comment box. A WesTrac representative will be in contact with you within two business days to arrange payment.

Download Invoice 

 To view any listed invoice, click the 'Download Invoice' button which will generate and download the one you have selected. This process may take a minute or two and we recommend you try again if it has not downloaded after five minutes.

If the download fails, troubleshooting options include:

  • Checking the downloads folder on your desktop to see if the invoice has automatically downloaded without giving you a notification
  • Try downloading another invoice to see if the issue is isolated to one invoice
  • Refresh the page and try again
Dispute Invoice

When you choose to select 'Dispute Invoice' you will again be directed to a pre-populated form which will contain the invoice information. Prior to submitting the form, provide a reason for the dispute in the comment box and make sure your email address is correct. A WesTrac representative will be in contact with you within two business days to discuss your invoice dispute.

> Credit Limit 

This available tile allows you to view your total credit limit, available credit and accrued credit.

To request additional credit for your customer account, simply select the yellow button on the top right side of the tile. This button will direct you to a pre-populated form which will display all your relevant account information.

From here provide your requested new credit limit, best contact phone number and a comment if required. As with all forms don't forget to check your email address is correct before submitting.

To access the Finance Dashboard select the dollar icon in the navigation bar. 

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