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View your account details, set your notification preferences and learn the basics of FitFleet.

This is your home dashboard

> Navigation Bar 

The black navigation bar can be found on the left-hand side of the portal, displaying on every page.

The navigation bar allows you to have access to all pages on the portal, including:

  • Finance Dashboard
  • Fleet Dashboard
  • Maintenance Dashboard
  • Parts Dashboard
  • Buy Parts
  • Links – Single Sign On
  • Chat – FitFleet Support
  • Help – FitFleet Support

> Tiles 

Tiles contain information related to specific portal features and are used on all dashboard pages. For example, the screenshot above captured on the Home Dashboard shows the 'FitFleet Plan' and 'Total Assets' tiles. Each tile has its own unique set of sub-functions related to the area of your business it covers.

> Tabs

Tabs are found within each tile, serving a sub-function which will display more information and allow access to different features when clicked on. For example, the 'FitFleet Plan' tile includes a machine overview of your entire fleet as well as the ability to view by 'Assets with Plans' and 'Assets without Plans'.


> Account Details

To access your account details, click on your name at the top right of the screen and select ACCOUNT DETAILS from the drop-down menu. 

You will be sent to the Account Details page where you can edit -  

  • Personal Information 
  • Password Update 
  • Secret Question 
  • Notification Settings 

> Notifications

All notifications can be found by clicking the   icon in the top right-hand corner next to your account name, which sends you to the Notification Dashboard. Through the Notification Dashboard you can view -  

  • Alerts – such as Work Orders. 
  • Updates – such as new FitFleet features 

When a new alert or update is available the bell will display red on the page.

You can set your notification preferences through the 'Account Details' tab via the 'Notifications' tile. 

FitFleet Resource Centre

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