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Home Dashboard

This is your home dashboard

You can navigate back to the Home Dashboard from any page by clicking the house icon  in the black left menu bar. 

> Left menu bar location 

The black left menu bar, or navigation bar, is found on the left side of the page. This menu bar will display on every page in the FitFleet portal.  

> Tiles 

On your Home Dashboard there are Tiles which contain different information. For example, the image above shows the FitFleet Plan tile and Total Assets tile. You can also see the headings of the Warranties tile and Invoice List tile. 

> Tabs

Within each tile there are tabs which will display more information when clicked on. For example, on the FitFleet Plan tile you can see an Overview of your machines or view by Assets with Plans and Assets Without Plans.  


> Account Details

To access your account details, click on your name at the top right of the screen and select ACCOUNT DETAILS from the drop-down menu. 

You will be sent to the Account Details page where you can edit -  

  • Personal Information 
  • Password Update 
  • Secret Question 
  • Notification Settings 

> Notification Dashboard 

Next to your name in the top right corner is a bell  which will sometimes have a red notification on it. Click on the bell to access the Notification Dashboard. On the Notification Dashboard you can view -  

  • Alerts – such as Work Orders. 
  • Updates – such as new FitFleet features 

To set your notification preferences, go to your Account Details page and set your preferences in the Notifications tile. 

> Left Menu Bar Explained 

As mentioned above, the left menu bar can be found to the left of every page in the FitFleet portal. The left menu bar allows you to navigate to -  

FitFleet Resource Centre

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