Product Support Contracts


Product Support Contracts

We offer a range of support contracts that are tailored to fit the needs of your operation and fleet, so you know what to expect when it comes to maintenance and repairs. No surprises. From routine preventive maintenance support to major component repairs to fully customisable maintenance and repair contracts, we'll help you protect your investment and ensure your profitability. By partnering with WesTrac, you'll have complete peace of mind when it comes to managing your fleet.

Levels of Product Support Agreements


High Level - A long-term partnership

A MARC provides our customers with the opportunity to smooth out cash flows, maintain predictable levels of availability and reliability, all at a pre-determined, attractive, guaranteed and affordable cost per hour. It is a long-term partnership whereby we are embedded into your operation. It provides you with the absolute lowest costs for our parts and services. It is suitable for customers with a large-size fleet.


Mid Level - Flexible, tailored and customisable

A MPA provides a flexible solution for customers to set their own Equipment Maintenance Strategy for management of costs over the machine life cycle, all while still maintaining target levels of availability and reliability. It is designed for customers who have unique business requirements and are looking for a custom solution. It is suitable for customers with a medium-size fleet.


Low Level - The most common choice

A CSA provides you with the opportunity to take full advantage of our services via a Customised Periodic Service Level Agreement, i.e. Do it Yourself, Work with Me or Do it for Me. The goal of which is to help you achieve the lowest cost per unit of production. It is an entry-level contract suitable for owner-operators or those running a small-size fleet.

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