Maintenance and Repair Contracts

The Evolution of MARCs

From the start, MARCs were designed primarily for two reasons: risk mitigation and labour availability. MARCs have always lowered the risk of machines going down and provided a reliable resourcing solution that combats issues associated with labour shortages. Now, MARCs have evolved to allow for a close focus on achieving high productivity, with lower costs. In short, they'll allow you to move more with less. They achieve this by utilising condition monitoring tools, contamination control, maintenance strategies and technology like MineStar.

For Mining

A MARC contract is driven by proven processes that allow results to be achieved within your mine plan consistently over the life of the mine. We have over 300 mining machines under MARC contracts, predominately at mine sites in WA and NSW.

Is a MARC right for my business?

Would you like:

  • Guaranteed R&M costs and fleet availability?
  • Higher productivity that is achieved through guaranteed availability?
  • A closer focus on miner's core competencies?
  • A supply of "expert" maintenance resources, ready to go?
  • A closer, long-term relationship with your equipment supplier?

If your answer is YES, a MARC may be beneficial to your operation.

Transfer the risk to us

Maintenance and Repair Contracts at WesTrac

A MARC allows you to transfer many risks to us. You'll have guaranteed hourly rates and a predictable cash flow, which'll ensure reliable budgeting of maintenance costs.You'll have guaranteed fleet availability, which'll ensure production deadlines are met. You'll have provision of a flexible and accessible labour force, so even in the event of a shortage, you'll have no issues getting the work done.

What are the benefits of a MARC?

  • Increased Machine Performance
  • Increased Reliability & Availability
  • Production Optimisation
  • Mine Severity
  • Payload Management
  • Equipment Operation
  • Guaranteed Cost Per Hour
  • Reduction in Maintenance Costs

Types of MARCs


We perform all maintenance and repairs on a set schedule, ensuring maximum uptime. This includes all preventative maintenance services, component removals and installs.

Partial MARC

You perform any required preventative maintenance services, while we handle remove, install and component rebuilds, as well as the supply of parts and components.

Parts Only MARC

We are only engaged to provide you with major components and parts. You perform any required preventative maintenance services, including component remove and installs.

let's do the work

Need a service?

Send a message to our Services Team and they'll be in touch to discuss your needs and get to work on a solution that suits your operation.

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