Maintenance Partnership Agreement

What is aN MPA?

A Maintenance Partnership Agreement (MPA) is a transparent, flexible and customisable arrangement between you and WesTrac that'll provide you with peace of mind when it comes to keeping your entire fleet in tip top shape. It covers everything, from maintenance to parts.

To kick start this process we'll crack the hood of your business and have a look inside. We'll see what what makes it tick and what the issues are that an MPA may be able to address. Only once we've got a complete understanding of your requirements will we mutually collaborate together to create an MPA that works for you and your business, slotting in nicely with the strategies you've already got in place. With us, there's no guesswork and we won't try and slap a one-size-fits-all style agreement on you.

An MPA will give you the flexibility to set your own Equipment Maintenance Strategy that'll help you manage costs over the life cycle of every machine in your fleet, while still maintaining target levels of availability, reliability and quality output.

Maintenance planning integrated into your business

When it comes to maintenance planning, no two MPAs are the same. We'll work closely with you and build a maintenance plan that is integrated with your organisational structure, to ensure full optimisation of available resources. This might mean having some of our technicians on your site on a permanent basis or a service schedule involving multiple site visits every week. Whatever it takes, we'll get the work done.

Cost savings

The biggest benefit of an MPA is the savings on both maintenance and parts. An MPA is like a loyalty-style program that'll see you get a discount (parts and servicing) and priority above other customers when it comes to availability. You'll have locked-in rates that'll help you manage your cash flow, i.e. no surprise bills.

Without an MPA, a machine that wasn't maintained on a plan might go down and, without an available part, might be out of action for weeks or months.... causing all kinds of cost-related issues and project delays. It's not worth the risk.

Best mix of parts ensures long life

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An MPA ensures you'll receive the best mix of Cat parts to keep your machines performing. We'll pick from a wide range of available Cat parts including New, Flexi, Classic and Salvage. You won't have to worry about your machines going down and having to wait months for the right part to come in.

let's do the work

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