Cat Connect Productivity

hit targets in less time, every time

You’re constantly worried about whether production is on track: Is each load and grade accurate? Can the cycle times be shorter? You want to ensure every jobsite is designed and set up for optimum efficiency. You want to ensure every asset is utilised to its full potential. We know this because we’ve been helping our customers overcome these challenges for years.

We’ve worked closely with Caterpillar to develop a range of digital productivity management services that address these issues to help our customers manage their assets effectively so they can increase production without comprising quality or profits

Reaching performance and productivity benchmarks is easy using Cat Connect technology and services. With these tools, your assets will grade more efficiently, load more accurately and achieve compaction levels in fewer passes. This means completing your jobs faster with less rework.

This fully customisable solution provides you with the data, while our team provides you with the advice and support you need to ensure your fleet reaches optimal productivity. DO MORE with your assets and increase overall profitability.

Choose the right service for your operation

We provide a number of productivity services to suit any operation. This involves our Technology Team informing, advising or partnering with you to increase productivity in a number of areas.

Watch the videos in the playlist below to learn more about the services we offer.




Cat Connect White Paper

Increase productivity and hit targets

Reach optimum efficiency and complete jobs faster with less rework

Construction White Paper

Is your site ready for the future?

We’ve prepared a white paper for the construction industry that looks at technology trends in equipment management, productivity, safety and sustainability.

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