What is the service commitment program?

In partnership with Caterpillar®, the Program is designed to complement your current FitFleet® Customer Value Agreement (CVA), which provides ongoing support and preventative maintenance to contracted machines. 

Being a part of the pilot means whenever a request for parts or service is made, WesTrac will commit to a delivery timeline based on your tier of FitFleet agreement and the type of parts and service requested. In the event this date is missed, we will provide you with up to $1,000* in credits as a reimbursement. Note, you will be charged no extra fee to join the Program.  

What do I need to do?  

Fill in the form for more information and to express your interest. Once you have submitted, one of our reps will be in touch to answer any questions you have and to sign you up.  

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What is the purpose of WesTrac's FitFleet Service Commitment pilot?  

The FitFleet Service Commitment pilot is designed to provide you with specific timeframes for the delivery of repair parts, maintenance parts, and service response based on your FitFleet tier. It aims to reduce downtime, enhance service efficiency and customer satisfaction. We are piloting this program to refine the processes and systems necessary to roll this out across all FitFleet agreements. When commitments are missed by WesTrac, customers may receive Cat® credits of $1,000.  

When does the FitFleet Service Commitment pilot launch and end?

The pilot is set to launch on 1 September 2023, and will run until 30 June 2024. During this period, customers will experience the benefits of the enhanced service commitments.  

What timeframes are associated with repair parts dispatch for each FitFleet tier?  

For FitFleet Plus, Premium, and Ultimate tiers, repair parts will dispatch within the next business day of the request. For Premium and Ultimate tiers, maintenance parts will be dispatched within two business days. And for Ultimate agreements, Service will attend within two business days of either an unplanned request, or a scheduled event.  

Are warranty parts included in the service commitment?  

Warranty parts are included in the FitFleet Service Commitment pilot, however Cat® Credits will not be provided for warranty parts misses because the parts are already supplied by Caterpillar.  

How is the compensation handled if a Service Commitment is not met?  

If parts commitments are not met, you may receive Cat Credits. For maintenance and repair parts delays, Cat® credits for the price of the missed parts' up to $1,000 will be provided.   

If a service response commitment is not met, you will receive an account credit of up to $500 to your WesTrac trading account.   

Are there any commitments for customers on the FitFleet Essentials tier?  

FitFleet Essentials customers will not have specific commitments for repair parts, maintenance parts, or service response times. However, they can explore higher-tier plans for enhanced service commitments.  

How can I track my service commitments and progress during the pilot period?  

You can stay updated on your service commitments and progress through WesTrac's communication channels, emails, and direct interactions with WesTrac representatives.  

Can customers switch between FitFleet tiers during the pilot period to access different service commitments?  

While the pilot is running, you will have the opportunity to review your service needs and potentially upgrade to higher FitFleet tiers to access more robust service commitments and benefits.  

Will the FitFleet Service Commitment Program continue beyond the pilot period?  

The decision to continue the service commitment structure beyond the pilot period will be based on the outcomes of the pilot and customer feedback. WesTrac will communicate any updates regarding the continuation of the Program.  

How can I provide feedback or report any issues related to the FitFleet  Service Commitment Program pilot?  

You can provide feedback or report any issues by contacting WesTrac's customer support team through the designated communication channels. Feedback will be valuable in shaping the future of the
service commitment program.


These Frequently Asked Questions are provided as a guide only. All rights and obligations in relation to the FitFleet Service Commitment Program are exclusively contained in the Customer Incentive Participation Terms for WesTrac FitFleet Service Commitment and the applicable new or renewed Customer Value Agreement.


Make every day easy with a FitFleet CVA

A FitFleet CVA is an ongoing support and preventative maintenance agreement. Encompassing equipment health inspections, servicing, condition monitoring provided by local product experts, access to an online portal and more. A FitFleet CVA will also provide data-driven insights into the overall health, utilisation and performance of your machine. All new machine purchases come with a complimentary FitFleet Essentials agreement.

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