Make everyday easy with a FitFleet® Customer Value Agreement (CVA).

A FitFleet CVA is an ongoing support and preventative maintenance agreement provided by WesTrac for an individual machine or entire fleet. Encompassing equipment health inspections, servicing, condition monitoring provided by local product experts, access to an online portal and more, a FitFleet CVA provides data-driven insights into the overall health, utilisation and performance of your machine.

WesTrac offers four FitFleet agreement types, each one providing a different level of support to suit your particular business needs. Ranging from ‘do it myself’ to ‘do it for me’, a FitFleet CVA will ensure you have the right level of support and maintenance for your business.

The four types of FitFleet CVAs available are – Essentials, Plus, Premium and Ultimate.

Condition Monitoring

FitFleet Essentials

If you prefer to do maintenance yourself and 'pay as you go', without any ongoing commitments.

FitFleet Plus

If you prefer to do maintenance yourself and want a smooth cash flow when it comes to parts.

FitFleet Premium

If you prefer all maintenance to be completed by trained WesTrac service personnel and want a smooth cash flow when it comes to parts.

FitFleet Ultimate

If you prefer all maintenance and repairs to be completed by trained WesTrac service personnel and want a smooth cash flow when it comes to parts.

Data driven insights into the hours, health and performance of your machine
Service events conducted by Caterpillar® Trained Experts
Genuine Cat parts delivered to your location
Equipment health inspection
Flexible payment options
Reduced service rate
Equipment health management
Equipment health management
Access to WesTrac FitFleet Portal
Asset conditioning monitoring reporting provided
Asset condition monitoring analysis by expert
Fluid sampling through S.O.S
Equipment warranty details
Fixed price repairs with Genuine Cat Parts by Caterpillar Trained Experts
Security in support
Security in support
Dealer developed and maintained maintenance plan
Cat certified maintenance plan and recorded service history
Dealer tracks machine usage and service scheduling

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FitFleet for Technology (FFT)

FFT is an end-to-end solution that helps you get the most out of your Cat Next Gen Performance Excavator with additional technology support from WesTrac. FFT is a 'Tech Support' upgrade that can be applied to all FitFleet Customer Value Agreements. It's suitable for customers who want the best technical support.
FitFleet for Technology

Realising the benefits of maintaining a FitFleet CVA

Having the right equipment is just one step to ensure success. Once that equipment is operational, the key to success is staying on top of machine health and maintenance requirements. Group Manager Client Solutions CHELSEA GRAY explains.
Chlelsea Gray
monitoring machine health

Condition Monitoring (CM) is one of the core FitFleet benefits

CM is a proactive approach that allows you to gain deeper insights into the health of your Cat® equipment by interpreting the signals it provides about its own condition. It provides valuable information about what’s happening inside your machines, which, in turn, helps you set up an effective and comprehensive long-term health plan for each piece of Cat machinery in your fleet.

Level up your fleet

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