Cat Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are designed to perfectly match your Cat or mixed fleet mining equipment and are a key component of the machine, influencing performance by up to 20%. Choosing the right bucket, wear package and GET system are critical to getting the most out of your machine. 

We have a variety of offers available below for Cat fleets and mixed fleets, all valid for our WA customers until 31 December 2024. Terms and conditions apply. 

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What's on offer for Cat Surface Fleets


Purchase one set of Cat Mining GET for your surface mining bucket to receive:

  • 1 x FREE Cast Lip / Base Edge Assembly OR,
  • 1 x FREE set of Adapters*.


  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Performance

What's on offer for Cat Underground Fleets


Purchase one set of Cat Underground GET to receive:

  • 1 x FREE Base Edge Assembly plus a duplicate set of your initial GET order**


  • Hammerless
  • Dynamic
  • Reduce downtime

What's on offer for Mixed Fleets

Did you know that you can select Cat GET for your next bucket build with your preferred manufacturer? No matter what brand of machine you have, Cat GET can help you maximise the benefits of component standardisation.

Purchase one set of Cat Mining GET to receive^:

  • 1 x FREE Base Edge plus Adapters (for eligible surface mining machines only)
  • 1 x FREE Base Edge Assembly plus a duplicate set of your GET order (for eligible underground mining machines only)

Upgrade to Cat Advansys™

Are you currently using Cat J or K series GET? Upgrade to the latest Cat Advansys GET system today.

Cat Advansys is built for machine productivity, balancing tip, wear material and penetration requirements. Delivering maximum productivity and the lowest bucket lifecycle cost in the toughest conditions.

Purchase one set of Advansys GET to receive^^:

  • 1 x FREE Cast Lip / Base Edge Assembly OR,
  • 1 x FREE set of Adapters


  • One part order
  • System reliability
  • Easy installation and removal

Terms and Conditions - applicable to all offers

  1. Offers listed are applicable to Mining Customers only and are subject to WesTrac approval which can be withheld in its sole discretion. 
  2. Offers listed are only available to business owners that hold an ABN and, in the case of individual sole traders, are Australian residents over the age of 18.  
  3. Offers are available on Cat GET in stock and available at any WesTrac WA branch only (Dealer).  
  4. Offer is valid from 01/04/2024 to 31/12/2024. A sale contract must be executed, and the GET delivered on or before 31/12/2024 to qualify. 
  5. Purchases and the supply of all GET system parts and components the subject of this offer are subject to WesTrac’s Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Goods and Services available at 
  6. The offers are while stocks last and can be withdrawn or changed by WesTrac at any time without notice.  
  7. Offer listed cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. 

*Cat Fleets (Surface Mining)

  1.  Offer applies to surface mining buckets only and includes one set of Mining GET including tips, lip shrouds, adapters/couplers, wing shrouds, heel shrouds, and all associated retention and bosses required. If a base edge replacement is not required (i.e., only adapters are needed), customers are only required to purchase a set of tips, wing shrouds and heel shrouds. 
  2. New Cat machines and new Cat buckets do not quality for this offer. 

**Cat Fleets (Underground Mining)

  1. Offer applies to Cat R1300, R1600, R1700, R2900 and R3000 mining buckets only. Suitable for Cat Base Edge Assembly which includes the base edge plus the LH/RH cast corners. 
  2. One Cat GET Underground system must include the following as a minimum: GET segments, associated retention, corner guards, and profile/back drag bar. 
  3. If the initial purchase includes heel shrouds and sidebar protection, the customer will be eligible for a free duplicate set. 
  4. New Cat machines and new Cat buckets do not quality for this offer. 

^Mixed Fleets

  1. This offer is only applicable for buckets associated with Wheel Loader, Hydraulic Mining Shovel, Hydraulic Excavator and Load Haul Dump products. 
  2. One Cat Mining GET system includes tips/teeth, lip shrouds, heel shrouds, wing shrouds, and all associated retention and required bosses. 
  3. For an underground bucket, a base edge assembly refers to base edge with cast corners. 

^^ Upgrade to Advansys

  1. One set of Advansys GET includes tips, adapters, wing shrouds, heel shrouds, and all associated retention.  

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