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your gateway to superior fluid analysis

The Cat S•O•S Services Program is a mutual commitment to protect the performance and value built into your Cat equipment. This industry-leading program combines fluid sampling with state-of-the-art analysis and clear, easy-to-understand reporting. It creates not only optimsed machine performance, but also improved cost control.

What is Cat S•O•S Web?

Cat SOS (Services) Web is the SOS program's user-friendly web interface, which is accessed by logging into My.Cat.Com (MCC). With it you can view and analyse your fluid sample information online - anywhere and anytime you have an internet connection.


Our Cat SOS Web Training Resources page contains helpful tips, guides, videos and a recorded webinar to help you get navigate the platform and get the most out of it.

Cat SOS faqs

Cat SOS Webpage

What can I do with Cat S•O•S Web?

After you've registered on MCC and logged in, you'll have access to the following features:

  • Data Analysis - Analyse your fluid data results to discover trends
  • Sample Reports - Retrieve fluid sample reports 
  • Dashboard Notifications - Quickly identify items requiring immediate attention
  • Print Labels - Print fluid sample labels
  • Management Reports - Produce reports for management
  • Action Recording - Record actions and repairs
  • View History - Access equipment/component history
  • Expert Advice - Start a two-way conversation with a WesTrac expert
  • Manage Assets - You can add, delete and edit assets
  • Manage Users - You can add, delete and edit users

Can I access Cat S•O•S Web from any device?

Yes, you can access the interface from your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Being able to access it via your mobile means you can perform all of the features listed above while you are out onsite.

Will my data in Cat SOS Web be integrated with VisionLink?

Yes, if you are utilising VisionLink.

How do I access Cat S•O•S Web?

  1. Register for MCC
  2. Login to MCC using your CWS ID (username) and password
  3. Select 'SOS Application' from the Quicklinks section

Which browser should I use to access Cat S•O•S Web?

For the best possible experience, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the recommended Internet browsers for Cat SOS Web. You can still access the interface using Microsoft Internet Explorer V10 or higher, or Microsoft Edge, but we don't recommend it.

Why should I continue using Cat S•O•S Web?

By enrolling in the program and using Cat SOS Web, a routine sampling interval can be established to build-up data over time, allowing trends to develop that become easier to spot the longer you use it. By analysing your data and comparing your sampling history, it'll be easy to identify deviations from the normal trend. This adds value to the data interpretation process with more meaningful recommendations/actions.

Cat SOS Web is a long-term solution to help you DO MORE.


Step 1 - Take a Sample

To start you need to buy a sampling kit and take a sample. You can buy kits over the phone (1300 881 064) or online via Parts.Cat.Com (PCC). For pricing and part numbers, click here.

Step 2 - Create MCC Account

Create an account on My.Cat.Com (MCC). MCC is a web-based hub that provides you with access to all your equipment information. It's also where you will access Cat S•O•S.

Step 3 - Send Sample to WesTrac

Use the pre-paid postage bag inside the kit (which will have the correct address on it) to mail your sample. While you wait for results, visit our Cat S•O•S training resources page.

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