Minestar Command

aUTomation tech opens up new opportunities

Whether your mining operation is big or small, above or below ground, your priority is to safeguard your people, ensure your operation is efficient and keep your equipment running smoothly. Whatever your operational challenges are, WesTrac can deliver an automation solution to overcome them.

It's no secret that automation technology boosts productivity, reduces overall costs, improves efficiency and increases profitability. Aside from these benefits, it will open up new opportunities for your business. Whether it's automating a single mining process or implementing a fully autonomous fleet of hauling trucks, this technology will provide you with an edge over competitors that'll allow you to DO MORE work.

Take control of your operation

MineStar Command is a flexible and customisable technology that helps you take control of your operation. You choose the level of automation that’s right for your site – from operator assistance right through to full autonomy.

No two operations are alike, so Command gives you the capability to adapt what’s working elsewhere to suit your site-specific needs. Autonomous drilling, remote control machine and mining, hauling, or dozing – whatever your needs, there is a Cat Command automation solution that will help you achieve your goals.

The real-word benefits of Cat Command also help reduce overall costs while improving productivity, addressing the skills crisis and expanding your options.

With this in mind, here's an overview of the MineStar Command technology options.

Sandfire Resources invests in technology

MineStar Command Technology in action

In addition to providing technology, our Solutions team provides a number of tailored automation services that may involve a combination of the technologies listed above, in addition to some of our other services.

This could involve our team automating one or more of your operation's mining processes, end-to-end. It might also be that your operation is better suited to a semi-autonomous solution, just like the Sandfire Resources DeGrussa mine.

Command for Hauling

A complete, next-generation haulage solution that enables partial or total autonomous operation of mining haul trucks, interaction with other equipment and integration with your processes and systems.
Cat Minestar Command for Hauling in action

Command for Drilling

Increases the safety, accuracy and efficiency of your drilling operation by allowing an operator to automate drilling of a single row or even a full pattern. The drill is controlled with satellite-guided precision.
Cat Minestar Command for Drilling in action

Command for Underground

Your operators can work productively, efficiently and safely from a remote station far removed from the face—or even on the surface.
Cat Minestar Command in Action

Command for Dozing

Allows your operators remote or even semi-autonomous control of the dozer with no decrease in functionality or productivity. With control options available to suit any operation (mobile or fixed).
Cat Minestar Command for Dozing in action

let's do the work

Interested in technology?

Send a message to our Technology Team and they'll be in touch to provide any information you require about the various technologies we have available.

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